❛ no —— don’t !!
                                       don’t use that !! oh honestly, 
                                       must i do everything ??




           “         eh, the ball? kinda expecting someone else to ask me, 
                      ya know? not really feeling like going with neville.'nd you,

                           ❛ and who exactly are you expecting to ask you ??

        he shifts from one  leg  to  another but looks
        at the other as if the question she asked him
        had the most o b v i o u s answer — when in
        truth, he’s just plain nervous. 

                         ❛ no  one’s  asked  me — —   i mean, that’s
                           only because i’m the one who’s supposed
                           do the asking. i will though — — ask some-
                           one — — has anyone asked you yet ?

                         ❛ what ? ❜


                        ❛ ——so er, speaking of the yule ball——
                                  has anyone asked you yet? ❜

alsoo, statistics is killing me right now so if i owe anyone anything just like this post or t ALK TO ME bc im literally e VERYWHERE RN.



                                                    ❝ granger -

                            if you could be a doll and tell that weasel beast of
                            a boyfriend to keep his abnormally large hands to
                            to himself - that would be great. And if you could
                            pass me an icepack, that would be even better. ❞

                     ( he’s feeling sorry for himself so maybe if you gave him some
                     sympathy, that would be nice     but it probably wouldn’t cool
                     the burning urge     to inflict some pain - worse than his own -
                     back on the weasel king.        But wait - is Cormac acting the
                     bigger man this time, have not retaliated    and walking away
                     from the situation?                      That’s hardly been heard of! )

                                          ❛ he’s not my boyfriend !!

       she replies with a hint  of  annoyance in her tone.
       how dare he  call  ronald  her boyfriend when it’s
       clearly untrue ?!         ——     perhaps, it was the
       fact    that  ron is  probably   out   snogging  with
       lavender that made  cormac’s  taunt  even  more
                      A N N O Y I N G.

                                        ❛ maybe if you watched your tongue, you
                                          probably  wouldn’t  have  gotten  into this
                                          mess in the first place !

        still, she stretches her arm and reaches out to
        grab an ice pack before  tossing it over to him 
        without  giving  him  the    quickest of glances.

                                     ❛ but i appreciate how you didn’t  hit him  back  ——
                                       though i do hope you learn not to pull another stunt
                                       like this, ever again. ❜



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what do you guys think of me being in the same fandom as you two again?

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